Monthly Archives: September 2017

Back Roads and Butterflies 


Hiding out in the nine to five, holding on, barley alive..

I wish you could save me.

These city streets always seem so cold, this glass and steel never feels like home

I picture you at my window. I want to fly away.

I want to go back to the time when the only pain in our lives, was the kind that aches in your side when you laugh. Drifting like clouds in the sky, before the world lost it’s shine, 

Back the back roads and butterflies.
*Peeling back the layers of the passing days, I can almost see the image of your face… snapshot memory, reaching out through time and space.Was that a lifetime ago?*

I wear a mask so no one knows that I am not just what they suppose.

Could the mask be falling?

I fight the tears as I turn away and go back to the…

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