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I was sitting in a crowded doctor’s office waiting room on September 11, 2001. The only TV in the room was playing a medical product advertisement.

Any other day I would have been at work with my friends and, most importantly, my husband of two years. People teased us about being together 24/7, how it would drive us apart. We loved it.

The first inkling I had that something was wrong was hearing the muffled, yet panicked, voices of the ladies at the front desk. Then I heard a man’s voice saying, “they need to know!” Right then, I was called back to X-ray.

Still clueless as to the horror that was unfolding, I followed my tech to the table. I noticed she was choking back tears. When she explained to me what had just happened we both broke down in tears and hugged each other. The first of many such shared emotional connections on that day, as it turned out.

I had a cell phone for “emergencies” that was, ironically, sitting on my kitchen table at home. All I could think of was calling my children! When I finally left the doctor’s office the 15 minute drive to work seemed endless. The radio was full of a chaotic mix of information and conjecture all being reported by tearful broadcasters trying hard to keep their voices steady. It was all so surreal!

When I finally got to work I immediately collapsed into my husband’s arms.
I remember the shock. I remember the ice water in my veins when I watched the video, over, and over again. I remember finally calling my children just to hear their voices. I remember the emptiness when we ran out of tears.
I remember everything….
Where were you?   #NeverForget9/11